Your Fuel Injector Might Be Failing…

Fuel injectors are primary components of modern automobile engines. They act as nozzles and are designed to spray fuel into the engine to facilitate appropriate combustion.

Fuel injectors are controlled by the car’s CPU which allows for adjustment of time intervals and frequency of fuel injections according to desired vehicle performance.

Since fuel injectors are part of the fuel management system, a problem here could lead to all sorts of issues with performance and engine life. Fortunately, injectors will begin to show signs of damage and imminent failure beforehand.

Keep an eye out for the following signs of a failing fuel injector and make repairs/replacements at the right time: 

Engine Misfiring/Sudden Decrease In Acceleration

One of the most obvious signs of a failing fuel injector is degrading engine performance. If even one of the injectors has a problem, the entire fuel ratio will be disturbed. This can lead to obvious performance issues like misfiring, a loss of engine power, decreasing acceleration and even stalling. If the injector is excessively damaged, the car might fail to start.

Fuel Odors

Another prominent sign of fuel injector trouble is a pungent fuel odor. Since injectors are designed to shoot out fuel at high pressures, the fuel is prone leakages. A faulty injector will often leak more fuel into the engine than necessary. This wouldn’t just cut down fuel efficiency but also give off a foul fuel odor that makes its way into the passenger cabin. Make sure you address this ASAP.

The Engine Light Turns On

Another sign of potential trouble with fuel injectors is if the engine light turns on. While the engine light may turn on to indicate plenty of other problems like low oil levels, a misfiring or clogged fuel injector may also be the reason.

To find out if it really is one or more of the fuel injectors causing the engine light to turn on, let a professional run a diagnostic scan. This will help figure out what triggered the vehicle CPU to turn on the engine light.

Since fuel injectors are perhaps the most important components of the fuel management system across vehicles, problems here could lead to a dis-satisfactory drive, degrading performance, shortened engine life, and other issues. It is a good idea to drive down to your mechanic if you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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