Why Buy Volvo R-Design?

One of the most decisive steps Volvo took that added to its success in the market of performance vehicles was to launch the R-Design.

R-series vehicles were crafted with a sporty design, something different from Volvo’s traditional, European boxy design. Apart from the aesthetics, the R-series were built to be modified, and come installed with asphalt ripping turbocharged engines.

But why buy an R-Design when you can get the standard trims?

The question is, why not? With the R-Design you are looking at better engine performance, more power and a head-turning vehicle wherever you go. Here are some more reasons to go for the R-Design:

High Performance Engines

Take the example of the Volvo S60 R-Design. The vehicle comes with high performance turbo charged engines for exceptional speed and power. The front wheel drive version has a Drive-E, 2.0-Liter version that boasts over 297 lb-ft of torque and over 302 HP.

What’s more, the Drive-E version is designed to offer all this power without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Another example is the 3.0-Liter, 325 HP engine on the T6 R-Design. The fine-tuned, all-wheel drive version of the S60 boasts over 354 lb-ft of torque and can shoot from naught to sixty in under six seconds. All this while offering unparalleled traction control.

These are just two R-Design vehicles from Volvo that are recognized for their engine performance. If you are the type of person who would love to feel like you are behind the wheel of a sports car every now and then, the engines in R-Design vehicles will definitely satisfy that need for speed.

The Aesthetics

The R-Design series is known for the sleek outlook and impressive options. It captures the essence of sport cars without coming off as excessive. The sporty design is further enforced with the daytime running lights, a frameless matte grill, chassis modifications to reduce vehicle heights and glossy finishes.

Design Options

You can expect to have everything from power windows and mirrors to rear-reverse cameras. Other features include accent lighting, blind spot detection, cross traffic alerts, lane change assist and of course, eye catching wheels and tires.

So the question remains, why not? The good part is R-Design vehicles are not that expensive. Add a few thousand to what you would pay for standard Volvo trims and you can get the R-Design.

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