Volvo XC60 T5 R-Design-Review

Even though there’s the new version just around the corner, the 2017 XC60 still continues to be a solid option for buyers looking for a family friendly SUV.

From a cozy interior that makes each drive equally comfortable to subtle safety additions like booster sits for the little ones, the XC60 exceeds expectations, every time.

Add an excellent four-cylinder engine, noise cancellation and quick acceleration to the mix, and you get a car that is perfect for all kinds of trips.

It’s sad that the 2017 XC60 will be the last of its kind before a new model takes over, but the latest model will be more advanced. From even better engines, gearboxes and an aesthetic overhaul, the 2018 model will be a solid contender.

But as old as it is, the 2017 XC60 still holds its spot as a reliable family SUV.

The listing price of the T5 R-Design is $63,990—just $2000 more than the T5 luxury model. However, since it’s at the end of its lifecycle, there is a good chance you’ll find solid deals across Volvo showrooms.

$2000 More For R-Design—Should You Go For It?

Definitely. With the extra bit, you get an impressive variety of R-Design parts like a metal inlay steering wheel with a leather cover, sports seats, black headlining and an illuminated shift knob.

While the luxury design featured 19” rims, the R-Design takes it one-step further by adding in 20” rims—something that really adds to the car’s visual appeal.

If you find a suitable deal, you will have to choose between a D4 or D6 for diesel versions or a T5 or T6 for petrol versions.

Both the petrol variants include a turbocharged 2.0, four-cylinder engine and to top it all off, each also features an eight-speed automatic gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive.

What’s Inside?

What’s truly special about the XC60 is the degree of comfort the interior offers. The seating is spacious with ample legroom and everything is put together flawlessly.

It also features a Bluetooth audio system with USB ports for a complete entertainment experience. XC60 owners also love the clear digital speedometer, which gives all the information they need on a single glance.  

Overall, the XC60 remains an unparalleled family friendly SUV that you should consider, particularly if you are looking for a bargain.

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