Volvo S80 Accessories

Volvo s80 is a mid-size executive sedan that is considered to be an ideal choice for businessman. It was first launched in 1988 and still in great demands today. While it designed with impressive exterior looks, it boasts a sleek build that can accommodate up to five passengers. Whether you are planning to go for vacation with the entire family of you are on for a business trip, Volvo s80 is the best car for you. Plus, what makes it more ideal is that it is designed with excellent accessories that are rare with other sedans out there.

The Volvo s80 features a very unique design along with luxurious interior features so there is nothing more to ask for.  As Volvo is a highly reputed name when it comes to safety, you can make sure that the Volvo s80 is not an exemption. Although it has sleek design, the engine still works great. It has spacious and comfortable legroom that renders additional layer of convenience.

Let’s take a closer on some of the best accessories of Volvo s80.

Load carriers

These elegant load carriers are designed in such a way that they would seamlessly fit to your car prepared mounts. One of the best parts about these carriers is that they are very easy to install and they can even be integrated with additional holders whenever necessary.

Luggage compartment mat

Do you want to keep the appearance of the load compartment always cool? If so, the Volvo s80 features a very elegant mat that is waterproof and reversible. Also, it is designed with color-keyed on the side as well as a plastic on the other.

Rear Seat Cover

This grand rear seat cover can be converted as a loading area that comes along with high quality seat cover. This feature is very beneficial in protecting your upholstery especially if you are fond of travelling with your pets.

Safety accessories

The makers of Volvo s80 have a very sensitive understanding about the importance of maximized safety for executive sedan drives. As such, Volvo s80 is designed with the best child booster cushions that are next to none.

Booster cushion and backrest

These safety accessories are especially designed in order to ensure that kids between ages 3 and 10 sit just high enough in order for their seat belts to fit properly. The adjustable backrest renders additional layer of support for your children’s y neck and back.  In fact, even the adjustable bracket provides a newer height of protection in case of rear-end collision and you can even tilt it for sleeping. With these safety features, you can drive with confidence thinking that you and your little ones are safe inside your Volvo s80.

These are just some of the impressive accessories for your Volvo s80. There are still more for you to discover. However, what is certain is that all of these features are designed at their best not just to provide elegance to your car but also to guarantee your safety.