Volvo Parts International Delivery sells genuine Volvo parts below wholesale price and we ship worldwide with very few exceptions. The exceptions are Russia, Iran, North Korea and similar type governments which restrict trade with USA.

Find quick answers below to the most common questions about international shipping

Question: Who pays duty fees?
Answer: The customer is responsible for duty fees and unfortunately we cannot provide a quote because every country is different. In Australia there are no duty fees of nthe invoice is below $1000.00. In South America duty fees are often very high. In Canada if you choose USPS shipping duty fees are usually 5-10%.   

Question: How much is shipping? 
Answer: It all depends on size and weight and how fast you need the parts. The rock bottom shipping to Canada is $25.00 and to all other destinations is $60.00 but the average price is $150.00. Large or heavy items will be substantially more. Large items like bumpers, hoods, fenders etc... can be $1000.00 or more to ship and the same can be said for heavy stuff like engines, transmissions etc....It's important to know that the shipping price shown during checkout is just an estimate. If we need more money for shipping we will contact you first. 90% of the time the price is correct.

Question: What shipping companies do you use?
Answer: For Canada USPS is an option but for all other countries and Canada we use FedEx and DHL. DHL is the fastest and most expensive. FedEx offers a slower economy shipping that can save you a lot of money.

Question: When will I get my parts?
Answer: If we have the parts in stock and the order is placed before 3:00 pm during business hours it ships the same day (in most cases). If we do not have the parts in will take 2-3 business days before the parts ship. Transportation time depends on the method of shipping you choose. DHL gets everywhere in the world in 1-3 days. Fedex economy gets there in 3-5 days. USPS priority to Canada takes 5-12 days. USPS Expedited to Canada takes 3-6 days.

Question: What if I get the wrong parts?
Answer:  We HIGHLY suggest you provide the VIN# during checkout which has a 99.9% accuracy rate. The only time you should not provide the VIN# is if you are adding a part that did not come factory. We are professionals with over 15 years experience selling Volvo Parts and 25+ years in the parts business. Unlike other Volvo dealerships who sell parts for 5 other makes and Volvo is just a side business, We've sold Volvo parts exclusively for over 35 years.