Volvo Park Pilot XC90

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If you have  park assist on your 2016-up Volvo XC90 and want to add Park Pilot automatic parking assistance you can with this accessory.

"Parking assistance, pilot" is an excellent system that facilitates parallel parking and leaving a parallel parking space. The system is semi-automatic and can support the driver when the car is to be parked in a perpendicular parking space or when parallel parking, if the distances to objects in front and behind the car are sufficiently large. The car takes over steering fully, whilst the driver takes care of the gears, accelerator and brake. The system can also be used in manual mode with the same functions as Parking assistance, front and rear. When the driver requests help from "Parking assistance, pilot" to park in or leave a parallel parking space, the function is activated by a button on the car's centre console.

During parking, the car looks for a space to park in. For parallel parking, a space of only 1.2 times the length of the car is sufficient, which is a size that most drivers would not even consider trying to park in. When the parking space has been found the driver must stop the car in front of the space. It is then just a case of following the instructions given by the car, graphically and in text, when to change gear, accelerate or brake. Each time the car is 30 cm from an obstacle in front or behind, "Parking assistance, pilot" asks for a shift. When the car is parked, a confirmation is received and control is returned to the driver.

When the driver wants to leave a parallel parking space and has enabled "Parking assistance, pilot", the system scans the environment. The driver then receives a confirmation from "Parking assistance, pilot" that it can assist the driver in leaving the parallel parking space. During the manoeuvre to leave the parking space the driver is instructed by "Parking assistance, pilot" and then regains full control when the car is out of the parallel parking space.

Part. No.
31414261Installation Instruction
+ Wiring
Part. No.Description
31428828LHDrequired and sold separately
+ Application1
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Facts and advantages

  • Helps you to park in both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces

  • Easier to find a parking space.

  • Helps you leave parallel parking spaces.

Technical data




"Parking assistance, pilot" can only be used in combination with "Parking assistance, rear".

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Parking Assistance Pilot
Part Number: 31414261
Other Names: Parking Assistance - Pilot, Park Assist More Names
Description: The Parking Assistance Pilot is a semi-automatic system that facilitates entering or leaving a parking space with your XC90. The driver... More Info
  • Volvo:
    • XC90
MSRP $400.85
MSRP $400.85
Parking Assistance Pilot Wiring - Lhd
Part Number: 31428828
Other Names: Harness More Names
Description: This is the wiring for installation of the XC90 Parking Assistance Pilot. More Info
  • Volvo:
    • XC90
MSRP $432.03
MSRP $432.03

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