Volvo Door Latch

The Volvo Door lock is a mechanical device paired with an electric actuator that is used for locking and unlocking your front door, rear door, trunk lid, hatch, hood or tailgate. The mechanical side usually involves a mechanism that moves when the electronic actuator pushes or pulls it which in turn locks or unlocks the door latch. 

Why do Volvo locks break? The most common causes of a lock failure are; a metal rod gets bent, a plastic clip cracks or the electrical actuator burns up.

More information about how the door lock actuator works. 

Power Door Lock Actuator

The power door lock actuator is an electric motor that turns a gear mechanism, which either pushes or pulls a linkage in order to lock or unlock a door.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

  • Door lock may only lock or unlock, operate erratically, or not at all
  • Alarm systems may malfunction
  • Before the actuator completely fails, you may hear an abnormal noise from the door as the lock is operating

Related Repair Advice

  • Failure to eliminate the door lock electrical circuit and the lock mechanism as a source of the problem may result in the replacement of a fully functional door lock actuator
  • On many newer vehicles, the complete lock assembly must be replaced to correct a door lock actuator fault