Top 10 Reasons for Mobile Website

Top 10 Reasons Mobile Websites Rock

Our website was the first mobile friendly online website and is still one of the best Volvo parts websites for mobile searching.

1. 800,000 smart phones are activated everyday. In 2015 more searches are done now on mobile devices than on PCs.  

2. There are twice as many mobile devices today as there are PCs.

3. It is estimated that 2 billion people will be using mobile internet search in 2016

4. Mobile Internet is growing faster than desktop internet ever did.

5. Mobile data traffic is expected to increase by almost 4000% by 2016.

6. Americans spend an average of 2.7 hours on Mobile internet each day.

7. 65% of all websites still do not have a mobile ready website so websites that do are much easier to navigate.

8.  Mobile customers really appreciate the convenience of a mobile friendly website and really happy when the website is mobile ready

9. Mobile visits to Facebook increased by 112% and Twitter by 347% in 2014.

10. It took 20 years to get the first billion mobile users and 40 months to get the second billion so mobile use is growing faster than ever