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We include the housing, gaskets, clamps needed for the repair. Hose sold separately but we highly recommend you purchase both the housing and hose.

Repair Instructions for the oil filter housing/oil trap on All cars listed below

  • C30 2007-2013
  • C70 2006-2013
  • S40 2004.5-2012
  • S60 2011-2014 5-cyl only
  • V50
  • V60 5-cyl only
  • XC60 5-cyl only
  • XC70 2008-Up 5-cyl

Condition: the car has a whistle noise. The car can also have vacuum leaks, oil leaks, run rough, poor gas mileage, are all signs of a clogged oil trap. The Oil Filter Housing doubles as a PCV system that lets the engine breathe. So a clogged oil trap can be very series and eventually will cause major motor damage and/or oil leaks.


222 : Oil Filter Housing, B5244S4

Oil Filter Housing


Note! Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.

Remove the air filter housing Refer to: Air cleaner housing, 

Torque:M6, 10 Nm

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Models : C30 2007-2013, C70 2006-2013, S40 2004.5-2012 and V50 2005-2012



Torque:M6, 10 Nm

Torque:M6, 10 Nm

Torque:M7, 17 Nm

Caution! Use suitable paper to absorb any escaping fluid.

To install, reverse the removal procedure.y

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