The Secrets To Maintaining Your Vintage Volvo

Driving a vintage car is like owning and being a part of history. However, it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Owing to its safety standards, exceptional built and sturdy frames you will see a lot of vintage Volvo still on the roads.

According to the manufacturer, these cars were built like tanks—and it is true, considering the number of these vehicles that still rule the roads today. If you or someone you know owns a vintage Volvo, these simply maintenance tips can help you make the most of your vehicle.

Keep it covered when not in use

The three main enemies of vintage vehicles include wind, sun and rain. Frequent and prolonged exposure to water leads to formation of rust.

When one part is rusted, it will start a cycle until you find yourself desperately searching for replacement spare parts.

At the same time, wind can blow objects in the direction of your car and lead to dust depositing in every nook and corner. Simply shielding your vehicle from the elements will add another few years to its life.

Conduct regular checkups

Even the most experienced professionals need a second opinion every now and then. If you are habitual of DIY maintenance, you should still consider driving it down to a mechanic every once in a while.

Apart from figuring out larger problems before they occur, a mechanic will also be able to track down any spare parts you need easily.

Detail it

A detailed cleaning is the key to vintage vehicle maintenance. By regularly cleaning every nook and corner of your vehicle, you avoid chances of damage. Remember, a dirty vintage car will be more likely to have rusted parts, chipping, and most importantly, poor performance.

Make sure you wipe your car thoroughly after washing to remove soap scum. Next, add a layer of wax to regain that shine. The wax will also provide additional protection against the elements.

Take it for a spin

While you might want to safeguard your vintage Volvo by storing it in the garage, all packed up—where’s the fun in that.

Take your vintage car out for a spin every once in a while to keep it running flawlessly.

Storing it for longer periods of time will eventually lead to rust and other problems.

Always use original parts and accessories for Volvo to make the most of your vintage vehicle. We have a wide collection of parts for the oldest and the latest Volvo cars. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs today.