Keep Calm and Drive a Volvo

Keep Calm and Drive a Volvo – Keeping It Safe!


That car, you are seeing right there – it’s not just a car, it’s a lounge…

And the one, that just drove past by – damn, it’s a fighter jet!

Cool, isn’t it?!

Sadly, the world we live in, for a car to be a standout, it has necessarily to be some other ultra-cool thing. A mobility solution, they say.

Whatever that means—we are yet to figure out—the only thing we believe, here at, is first and foremost a car needs to be good at being a car.

That car, it’s the safest car out there in the market… Now that’s something that really sounds pleasant and reassuring. And, we are pretty sure that being a family man (used entirely in gender neutral sense), you too would love owning a car that is safe.

Keep calm and drive a Volvo!

Volvo – Safety Has Been in Its Tradition!

Volvo has a proud history of leading the safety charge ever since it first got introduced into the market.

It was their idea to ditch plate glass when everyone else was using it, introducing the concept of windshield back in 1944. That three-point seatbelt system, which we have all got accustomed to – it was Volvo that invented it. Add to that, the concept of side airbags. And whiplash protection system. And rear facing child seat. There’s an extensive list to share.  

And even today, the company retains its previously enacted set of priorities, reflected in their attempts to make modern Volvos safe. It’s a subject, which we explore next.

Safety Features in Modern Volvos

Volvo safety features can be divided into two groups: a) passive safety features, and b) active safety features.

Passive Safety Features

Passive safety features are those features that keep you safe in the event of a collision. These include but are not limited to:

·         Curtain airbag;

·         Pedestrian airbag;

·         Side airbag;

·         Robust seatbelt system;

·         Booster seats;

·         Roll-over protection system;

·         Run-off road protection system, etc.

Active Safety Features

Active safety features are those safety features that prevent or mitigate the risk of collision or accident. Some of the active safety features that come installed in a modern Volvo are:

·         Auto-brake at intersections

·         Connected safety feature

·         Pedestrian detection system with full auto-brake mechanism

·         City safety system.

·         Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

Not to mention, the auto-manufacturers are also planning to launch a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020. This is part of the company’s Vision 2020 initiative that aims:

“By 2020, no one shall be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo”

If the current accident figures are to be evaluated, one realizes that Volvo is edging all too closer to achieving its objective. A study by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed Volvo is among nine car models that had zero reported fatalities between 2011 and 2015.   

That’s a great family car, right here, keeping you safe.

Keep calm and drive a Volvo: Volvo, keeping you and your family safe on the roads!

If you have any questions about the car, Volvo parts or accessories – feel free to reach out.