In Review – Move Your Family with Style in the Volvo XC60

Swedish automakers, Volvo, have a lot of exciting tricks up their sleeves, which will be unveiled in the starting of 2018. The company’s XC60 compact luxury crossover is going to be completely revamped for the coming year, after a nine-year production run.

It’s definitely worth the wait. In fact, the XC60 is all set to be a segment leader in the crowded luxury crossover space!

Why? Because Volvo’s top priority is passenger safety and comfort. Aesthetically pleasing, the Volvo XC60 is an all-rounder when it comes to performance and comfort.

Car Specifications – What Makes the Volvo XC60 Tick

Looking for style and comfort in one and the same package? The newest in the Volvo 60 series, XC60 is ideal for a number of reasons. It’s a luxury car but with the added feature of a compact.

It has all of the standard safety features that all Volvo vehicles do, and drivers can actually find affordable and genuine spare parts when they need. Following are some features offered by the compact SUV.

Brake Pedal Release

Automakers design the brake pedal in such a way that it’s released and moved down (to the floor) in certain frontal collisions. This reduces risk for injury on the right foot and leg when brake pedal is being used.

How is this safety feature triggered? With help from the same sensors that activate safety belt pre-tensioners and airbags when needed. This Volvo innovation is a standard safety feature.   

Daytime Running Lights with Daylight Sensor

This is also a standard Volvo feature that is automatically activated during daylight. These lights make your car look more conspicuous. A twilight sensor also activates the low beam headlights when illumination is needed.  

Road Sign Information

How many times have you accidentally taken the wrong turn or missed an important ‘right’? You don’t have to miss important road signs with this helpful feature!

Installed at the front of the car is a forward camera that detects speed limit and other supplementary signs. The picture of the actual sign is displayed in either the speedometer or head-up display if it is equipped.

Some Tough Competition to Face on the Roads

Giving tough competition to the Volvo XC60 are Audi Q5, BMW X3, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC, the current biggest competitors inside and outside the showroom.  All four vehicles are prime examples of the best of the best in the compact SUV marketplace.

Pricewise, the 2018 Volvo XC60 and Q5 are the same but the XC60’s extensive number of standard features makes this vehicle the ideal choice.  

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