How to update sensus connected touch

How do I update Sensus Connected Touch?

1. Use a USB memory stick with at least 500 MB of storage.
2. Format the memory stick to FAT32 using a PC - Right-click the memory stick in the Computer menu/window and select Format
3. Go to the Sensus Connect Touch (SCT) update site
4. Choose the appropriate region Under the Software Update download menu to the right
5. Click the Download button
6. You will get a new window that will ask you where to save the file, choose the formatted USB stick and save the file in the root of the memory stick (root = not in a folder).
7. Wait until the download is complete
8. Safely remove the USB stick from your computer and go to your Volvo.
9. Install the USB stick in one of the SCT USB ports on the ACU in the glove box (it does not matter which one of the SCT USB ports that are used).
10. Go to the SCT screen and swipe to and select the SETTINGS icon.
11. Scroll down by swiping the finger upwards until you see ABOUT.
12. Select ABOUT
15. You will get the pop-up "Please insert USB stick containing update file" asking you to confirm that you have inserted the USB stick, if you have inserted the USB stick, touch the OK button. If not please insert the stick and then touch the OK button.
16. Wait until the update is complete, this will be indicated by a system restart.

Note: Several system restarts may be performed automatically.

Please visit the Parrot support website for further information about software updates.