Eclipse Viewer – Volvo’s Answer to Safe Driving during an Eclipse

Who could have missed the biggest event of this year? Yet people did – they missed the biggest event to take place in 100 years, the total solar eclipse! Were you one of those people who missed the total solar eclipse?

Don’t worry… there’s another one coming soon. Well, not tomorrow or next month or even next year but on April 8, two thousand twenty four to be precise. You won’t have to wait an entire century, just 7 years!

Volvo’s Newest Feature – Keeping Safety In View

The one and only safe way to view a total solar eclipse is through a special purpose solar filter. It’s a good idea to invest in high quality eclipse viewing glasses if you wish to experience the magnificence of a total solar eclipse.

Or people passionate about cars and eclipses can combine love for both in one package. Introducing the eclipse viewer, this is Volvo’s answer to eye protection against a total solar eclipse!

Currently the custom feature is only available for Volvo XC60.

Custom Eclipse Viewer - Offering Eye Protection and Full Viewing

People interested in the Volvo XC60 would wish to know more about custom and standard features available with the car. The eclipse viewer is essentially a large shaded designed and made of an ISO-certified 12312-2 material. The viewer clips on the existing panoramic moon-roof of the car, allowing people sitting inside a safe and obstruction free solar eclipse viewing.

The additional feature basically turns the inside of the XC60 into a tiny and comfortable observatory.  

VP Marketing, Product and Brand Communications Bob Jacobs say, “The development of the XC60 Panoramic Moon-roof Eclipse Viewer will provide a unique viewing experience to those in the path of totality. This the best way to views a total eclipse in comfort and safety”.  

2018 XC60 Marks the Second Generation of Volvo’s Compact Crossover

It hasn’t been long since the Swedish automakers decided to combine the fantastic benefits and features of a compact car with a SUV. Offered in three different trims (Inscription, R-Design, and Momentum), the new Volvo 2018 XC60 is powered by one of three 4 cylinder power trains.

The vehicle comes equipped with many of the same features that are standard for all Volvos but the Eclipse Viewer is attached only to a few XC60’s. It’s uncertain whether the company plans to turn the viewer into a standard feature or not, in the future.

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