Benefits Of Buying A Volvo Certified Pre-Owned

Ever scoured the market for second hand vehicles? From friends who try to sell so hard you get wary, to finding out a number of problems after you’ve made the payment—to say that it’s a daunting process, would be an understatement.

More than often, used vehicle buyers find themselves dealing with unnecessary repairs and replacements within the first few weeks, which drains away the excitement behind buying the car.

That is not the case with Newmarket Certified Pre-Owned Volvo vehicles. With Newmarket Certified Pre-Owned Volvo, you can have confidence in the vehicle you buy while paying far less than what you would for a new Volvo car.

This means no more ugly surprises and the chance to drive your favourite Volvo car without any worries.

Each Certified Pre-Owned Volvo undergoes a strict certification process before being listed. Licensed Volvo technicians investigate the history of the vehicle and ensure that is has not been in any accident. The car is inspected on more than 130 different points and only after these rigorous inspections is it given a green light, along with a six-year warranty.

Why A Certified Pre-Owned Volvo?

· The best standard: Each vehicle is comprehensively reconditioned to come up to Volvo’s quality, safety and performance standards. If technicians notice even a single problem, the vehicle is not passed along.

· There are no deductibles for warranty visits.

· Volvo provides a complete six-year warranty for Certified Pre-Owned Volvo vehicles.

· The eligibility criteria include grading the vehicle on 130 different points including mileage, condition and title history.

· Volvo offers easy financing plans for Certified Pre-Owned Volvo vehicles.

The On Call Benefit

Along with the exceptional performance and safety, buyers also get access to the Volvo ‘On Call’ feature that ensures 24/7, responsive roadside assistance.

· Towing and roadside assistance services: If the car breaks down, drivers can call 1-800-263-0475 and gain the assistance of local emergency companies.

· Routing assistance: The On Call feature also providers uses with routing assistance, giving them access to detailed maps, shortest routes and multiple routes for the same destination.

· The expense benefits: If your car breaks down more than 80 miles from your home or office, Volvo reimburses you on lodging, meals and car rentals for at least three days.

If a part does break down a year down the line or you require repairs, we have all the parts and accessories for Volvo in our collection to help you out. From timing belt kits for Volvo to complete engines, we have it all.