Be Good to Thy Neighbor – Guide to Noise-Less Exhaust Systems

Muscle cars are like the lions of a city – loud, proud and fast. Who doesn’t like the sound of a throaty V8 or Volvo S9O exhaust system? Whizzing past houses, the vehicle’s system purring like a contented cat is just one part of driving a muscle car. Yet not everyone will be a fan of this sound especially when heard early morning or late at night!

Various surveys conducted on the subject find loud engine noise is the least desirable and most annoying after power tools, barking dogs, and band practice. Early morning lawn mowing wins the round yet your car’s throaty exhaust system sound is also pretty annoying for neighbors.

Loud Exhaust Sound – Where Does It Come From?

Ever wondered why exhaust sounds are so loud?

These are produced both through sound waves and vibration (transferred through the car’s frame body and components). Both causes of the exhaust sound must be controlled for a comparatively quieter exhaust sound.

Other components that directly affect the sound profile of your exhaust system are the piping, muffler, and porting of exhaust gases. Fortunately for drivers, certain steps can be taken to reduce exhaust system sound before the neighbors complain.

Install Sound Blocking Material over Interior Surfaces

Invest in good quality sound blocking mats. Such mats create a layer through which sound waves cannot pass or are restricted unlike vibration dampening mats. To create an effective sound barrier you will need to cover the whole interior.

Why are sound blocking mats better than vibration blocking mats? Quite simply, sound will be blocked with more efficiency and can be installed inside the doors, under upholstery, behind the dash and under the any trim. However complete sound dampening isn’t possible.  

Additional Tip – Don’t install these mats directly to the exhaust system because temperatures can exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and may cause fire hazards or noxious fumes.

Install Exhaust Tip with Sound Dampening Liner

You can find genuine sound dampening exhaust tips known as ‘resonated tips’ from stores selling original Volvo spare parts easily. This car part contains a lining of sound absorbing materials with a high surface area.

Liners can be made of fiberglass or even other composite materials, specially designed to withstand the exhaust system’s high temperature. Simple connect the resonated tip to the tailpipe of the exhaust.

Another way to reduce sound is by replacing the muffler and other exhaust system parts with new ones. is the best place to visit for genuine Volvo spare parts for your car’s exhaust system!